Graduate Programme

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General Manager Graduate Programme

We're looking for outstanding people capable of running one of our centres.

So if you want to run your own business you've come to the right place.

The Regus Graduate Programme

Our aim is to find driven, motivated people who don't necessarily excel just academically. We want to fast track exceptional people who can thrive under pressure to become a General Manager of one of our business centres. 

It is a chance for you to run your own business. But first we will need to turn your strengths into skills by providing unique challenges, hands-on experience, technical support and first class training so that you can fulfil your professional and personal potential and become a leader at Regus.

Methods of Learning

We believe empowerment and responsibility is the best way to learn. It is also the most enjoyable. If you feel empowered, you’re more likely to learn more and grow more. That's why learning by doing is our way to help you develop your skills. As soon as you become part of the team, you will be assigned a mentor to guide you through the beginnings of your career. 

We use three methods for you to learn and complete each module;

Learning through People

You will be assigned an experienced business mentor to help with all aspects of the programme and to develop your skills.
The people you work with will make sure you are guided and supported through each role, module and challenge.

Learning through Responsibility

From day one you will be in charge of your own decisions.
You will need to be able to resolve issues and always put the client first.
Each time you progress in your role you will face new challenges and experience more aspects of our business – in doing so you will be increasing and fulfilling your career potential.

Learning through Studying

Our comprehensive e-learning solution will guide you through the process.
Your mentor will be there to aid you throughout and offer additional training if necessary.
You decide what to learn and when – it's a flexible and effective way to make sure you understand each role and responsibility.


We expect a lot from our people. But the rewards we offer are exceptional, including the chance to help us build and pioneer a new market sector and to shape the future of work.

Graduate Programme

We’re looking for graduates with the right characteristics to become a General Manager of one of our business centres. It is not just about the academics but how you excel in other areas as well. You’ll need to be resilient, enthusiastic, and a hard worker with great personal and entrepreneurial strengths – such as commercial awareness, confidence, and be a natural communicator. We will provide the environment and training that can convert your strengths into skills but you will need to put in the effort. You can grow your career and play a key role in helping Regus to remain the world’s leading provider of flexible workspaces.

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The graduate scheme is an intensive, hands-on course; the immediate term aim is to develop you into a first class manager – and in the long term, the sky is the limit.

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